Outside Rome-guided tour in Rome and Vatican Ostia and Tivoli

Outside Rome-guided tour in Rome and Vatican              Ostia and Tivoli

Outside Rome



Passing by the old Appian way and reaching the beautiful Roman hills, deepened in nature the "Castelli", are medieval villages, built on the edge of volcanic lakes. The Renaissance aristocratic families built also many holiday-villas. Goethe, Stendhal, Byron, witnessed the beauty of the spot, the good food and wine! To name only three of them: Frascati, known for its good wine; Castelgandolfo, known for the Pope's summer palace, and Nemi famous for its delicious wild strawberries.

Departure from Rome to FRASCATI,  surrounded by a nice countryside and by the wine vineyards. The walk in Frascati will lead us to see the fantastic Villa Aldobrandini and Villa Mondragone, two important examples of Renascence art. Driving along the road of the volcanic lake's we will reach

Castel Gandalfo and the lake of Nemi.  Canstel Gandolfo offers a perfect opportunity for a typical lunch in a panoramic  restaurant such as  "Pagnanelli", where we will also visit an interesting wine's collection inside a bunker made by Mussolini during the second ward war!

After lunch we will have a little stroll in the village of Castel Gandolfo where the  Pope summer residence is located.


Villa D’Este and Villa Adriana

Tivoli is located 20 miles east of Rome, visit first the emperor Hadrian’s Villa (134 A.D.), and Villa D’Este (1550).
This is the best place to see if you wish to go deep in the knowledge of the beauty around Rome. Here there is breathtaking views, a little middle age town, and 3 gorgeous Villas: the Emperor Hadrian had a special passion for this place in the Roman countryside. Here the emperor used to rest, think and write.
Fifteen centuries later the cardinal D'Este called the finest artists of the time and commissioned magnificent paintings for the apartments and gorgeous gardens with fountains creating his own little Versailles…

more Info:

Tour Name: Tivoli

Duration: 5 hours

Transportation: A mean of transport is needed to reach Tivoli

Admission tickets for: Hadrian's Villa and Villa D'Este

What you will see in this tour:

-   Hadrian Villa:  120 ectars of private gorgeous Villa of a Roman Emperor of 1 century

-   Villa d’Este: a superstar Cardinal Venue of the Renaissance

Lower apartment with its frescos
Garden with all the fountains: 364 water jets, 64 water falls, 51 fountains, 398 water jets !!

- The village of Tivoli where we can have a typical Italian meal in a Trattoria

Meeting point: Your hotel or Tivoli


The ancient city Port of Rome

Not far from the international Airport of Fiumicino, and the seashore, 16 miles west from Rome, lies Ostia. Founded in the 4th century B.C., it became important during the Empire: all the goods passed here: marble for temples, wild animals for circuses, and food for one million Romans!! The excavations led to discover an intact roman town nearly as well preserved as Pompeii with houses, thermal baths, a theatre, and temples dedicated to local and oriental gods; here is also Europe's most ancient synagogue.

Strolling amidst the ancient buildings is really picturesque and you will discover how wealthy the Romans were 2000 years ago!

Ostia, is considered to be one of the world's greatest marvels. it is just a 30 minute drive from Rome and it became a must see for many visitors who don’t have time to go to Pompeii (near Naples)

After the visit we can have lunch on a seafood restaurant admiring the Mediterranean Sea.

more Info:

Tour Name: Ostia

Duration: 6 hours

Transportation: This is a long walking tour, Ostia can be reached by car or by train from Piramide in Rome.

What you will see in this tour:

  • Ruins of the old city port of Ostia
  • Castel of Pope Julius II
  • Modern town of Ostia at seaside

Meeting point: Your hotel or Piramide train Station

A Seaside excursion 

Famous for being the town of The emperor Nero, it is also the place where in WWII there was a furious and  long battle between German troops and Anglo-American troops who disembarked here the 21 January 1944.... Today Anzio is also a live seaside town famous for the quantity of seafood and fish restaurants ....