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Rome by Bike or Scooter
Both a cultural and enjoyable visit!! You will be able to see more sites than simply walking around and we will have different stops on the best sites to take photos, and we will have an Italian ice-cream, and it will be fun!


This visit will throw you in a Middle Age atmosphere, you will discover an special portion of the city: we will visit the Jewish area, where one of the oldest European Jewish communities is settled. Here the ancient Portico d’Ottavia, witnesses the great past of the area, and the imposing Synagogue, set up in 1904 hosts a Jewish life's museum. The Jewish ghetto history doesn't start with the arrival of the nazi troops in 1944 but far before, intact it was created by the pope in 16th century…. This is the story I will recall…

In the second part of the visit we will cross the river Tevere through the charming boat-shaped island to continue our walking tour in Trastevere, considered a separate city by its residents who call themselves the “real Romans”! Trastevere boasts also many pizzerias and typical restaurants called Trattoria.

more Info:

Tour Name: Jewish quarter & Trastevere

Duration: 3 hours

Transportation: This is a walking tour

Rome Half Day  Walking Tours Price

What you will see in this tour:

  • Jewish Temple (Tempio Maggiore)
  • Portico of Octavia
  • Theatre of Marcello
  • Ponte quattro capi (bridge)
  • Tiberina Island
  • Trastevere
  • St. Mary in Trastevere church

Meeting point: Portico d'Ottavia


The Appian Way is the most celebrated way of the Roman Republic. This tour includes part of the Appian way where there are many interesting roman ruins, such as Cecilia Metella's tomb, part of a Middle Age castle, emperor Maxentius' circus, The Catacombs - the Christian underground cemetery dating from the 2nd century, where persecuted Christians once gathered to worship in secret – and Saint Sebastian's Church.

more Info:

Tour Name: Appian Way and Catacombs

Duration: 3 hours

Transportation: This is a walking tour or can be made by bike or cab

Rome Half Day  Walking Tours Price

What you will see in this tour:

  • San Sebastian gate in the Aurelian Walls of 3rd century
  • Appian Way (of course)
  • Catacombs
  • Cecilia Metella's Tomb
  • Massentius' Circus (stadium)
  • St Sebastian's Church

Meeting point: Catacombs


Tivoli - Villa D’ESTE and Villa ADRIANA
Tivoli is located 20 miles east of Rome, visit first the emperor Hadrian’s Villa (134 a.d.), and Villa D’Este (1550).
Hadrian had a special passion for architecture and his three-hundred hectares original Villa in the Roman countryside is a reproduction of exotic monuments. Here the emperor used to rest, think and write.
Fifteen centuries later the cardinal D'Este was elected Governor of Tivoli and accustomed as he was to luxury, he was unable to live in the bare governor's palace. So he called the finest artists of the time and commissioned magnificent gardens with fountains creating his own little Versailles…

more Info:

Tour Name: Tivoli - Villa D’ESTE and Villa ADRIANA

Duration: 5 hours

Transportation: This is a walking tour but to reach the destination we need the car

Admission: Hadrian's Villa: 8€

        Villa D'Este 8€

What you will see in this tour:

Hadrian Villa:  

  • Ruins Pecile,
  • the one hundred rooms, the Canopus
  • the Pretorio,
  • the Great Baths, the Little Baths
  • The golden Court
  • the Quarters of the Vigiles
  • Heliocaminus Baths
  • Maritime Theatre
  • The Palestra 

Villa d'Este:

  • Lower apartment with its frescos
  • garden with all the fountains: 364 water jets, 64 water falls, 51 fountains, 398 water jets !!


 The ancient city Port of Rome, Ostia, is considered to be one of the world's greatest marvels. Although located in Tiber river, it is just a 30 minute drive from Rome and it became a must see for many visitors and pilgrims to Italy.

Last but not least! famous for being the town of The emperor Nero, it is also the place were in the WWII there was a terrible long battle.... Today Anzio is also a live seaside town famous for the quantity of seafood and fish restaurants ....

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